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Global 45 Dividend Strategy Portfolio (GLDV0133)
Trust Specifics 
Deposit DateMonday, July 01, 2013
Scheduled Primary Offering PeriodMonday, July 01, 2013 -
Monday, September 30, 2013
Termination DateWednesday, October 01, 2014
Public Offering Price
(end of deposit date)
Estimated Annual Income1
(as of 09/18/2014)
Minimum Investment
(may vary by selling firm)
100 units
Re-investment OptionsReinvest, Cash, Wrap Reinvest, Wrap Cash
Estimated Frequency of Offering3 months
 Regular CUSIPWrap Fee CUSIP
Cash CUSIP46133P14946133P164
Re-invest CUSIP46133P15646133P172
(amount per unit — as of 7/1/2013 )
Estimated Organization Costs2$0.0159
Total Estimated Annual Expenses2$0.0351
The information shown relates to a trust that is no longer offered for sale. This information does not constitute an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy units of the trust.

Investors in fee-based accounts will not be assessed the initial or deferred sales charges for eligible fee-based purchases and must purchase units with a Wrap Fee CUSIP.

1 Estimated Annual Income Per Unit is as of the date listed in the As of Date and is based on the most recently declared quarterly dividends or interim and final dividends accounting for any foreign withholding taxes. The actual net annual dividend distributions you receive will vary from the estimate set forth above with changes in the trust’s fees and expenses, in dividends received, currency fluctuations and with the sale of securities. The actual net annual dividends are expected to decrease over time because a portion of the securities included in the trust will be sold over time to pay for organization costs. Securities may also be sold to pay regular fees and expenses during the trust’s life.

2 The estimated annual expenses are based upon the estimated trust size for the Portfolio determined as of the initial date of deposit. Because certain of the operating expenses are fixed amounts, if the trust does not reach that estimated size, the amount of the estimated annual expenses per unit may exceed the amounts reflected. On the business day following the end of the initial offering period, the Sponsor and/or the Supervisor will waive their respective fees, and/or the Sponsor will reimburse the Portfolio operating expenses, in an amount so that the total estimated annual expenses calculated on that date do not exceed $0.0500 per unit. However, subsequent to that date the value of the Portfolio as well as the number of outstanding units may decline, and/or the actual amount of the operating expenses may exceed the estimated amounts, any of which could result in the actual amount of the total annual expenses exceeding $0.0500 per unit.

There is no assurance that a unit investment trust will achieve its investment objective. An investment in this unit investment trust is subject to market risk, which is the possibility that the market values of securities owned by the trust will decline and that the value of trust units may therefore be less than what you paid for them. Accordingly, you can lose money investing in this trust.


Before investing, investors should carefully read the prospectus and carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. For this and more complete information about the trusts, investors should ask their advisors for a prospectus.

Invesco's history of offering unit investment trusts was acquired through its predecessor firm, Van Kampen Funds Inc., in June 2010 by Invesco Ltd. Invesco unit investment trusts are distributed by the sponsor, Van Kampen Funds Inc., and broker dealers including Invesco Distributors, Inc. Both firms are wholly owned, indirect subsidiaries of Invesco Ltd.

Not FDIC Insured—Offer No Bank Guarantee—May Lose Value
Not Insured By Any Federal Government Agency—Not A Deposit

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